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Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management for children, adolescents and adults.

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What We Do

EZ Mind Family Mental Health is a private mental health practice founded by Dr. Beata Reshetar, DNP, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C, MBA and Jan Ford, FNP-C, MSN. Our staff are committed and trusted healthcare professionals offering comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management for children, adolescents and adults, while concentrating on delivering compassionate, non-judgmental and passionate care.

Our Approach

Individually tailored

No single psychological state is the same, nor the patient. This is why our professional goals is to tailor a personalized approach in the treatment of your mental health state to the unique set of circumstances of any individual patient.


In our practice we never underestimate and we always assess any life struggles as those that are understood not as problems to be fixed or eradicated, but rather as important indications & knowledge that must be used in the healing process.


Our stance is that everyone has both a set of weaknesses and a set of strengths. As mental health professionals, we will do our best to eliminate the former and to empower the latter. Any person that seeks mental health treatment has a set of strengths.


Our personal perception of the relationship between a mental health provider and therapist and a patient is that of an equal partnership with shared motivations and goals. We facilitate and help support a process we co-create together.


We have been in the mental health business for years upon years. And let us tell you one thing - every single person and every single new patient enrich our experience and understanding of our craft.


As someone with formal medical training, we are convinced that any mental and psychological issue should be taken holistically. Body, heart, mind, and spirit are all equally important here.

Our Mission

EZ Mind Family Mental Health goal is to deliver very empathetic, warm, non-judgmental and caring way to help with our patients’ mental health needs.  We know that it takes a village to find that compassionate provider who will listen and care and that is our mission to deliver a connection to our patients’ where they will feel safe and comfortable. It’s our goal to create a safe and comfortable trusting relationship and environment where we will work together as a team to achieve our patients’ goals.

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